North America | April 16-18

Product Certification Testing

We have an exciting new opportunity for customers attending Axway Summit North America. Complimentary certification testing will be offered for select Axway products at the conference.

Here’s the value to you:

  • Leveling up your skills and credentials
  • Justifying your Axway Summit attendance to your management
  • Savings over the standard $1000 certification testing fee

Pre-registration for certification testing is required. If interested, please contact us for more information.

B2Bi Basics Certification 

The Axway B2Bi Basics Certification is the full recognition of the knowledge and skills acquired in planning for, configuring, and testing the latest version of the B2Bi application.
The exam’s target audience is made up of a multitude of experience levels, including B2Bi administrators, developers, and mappers responsible for configuring B2Bi objects.
  • Good general IT knowledge
  • Working knowledge of Windows 2003/2008
  • Basic EDI format knowledge
  • The B2Bi Knowledge Checks (all quizzes completed)
  • The B2Bi Basics course in either Instructor-Led Training (recommended) or eLearning Self-Paced format, for familiarization with course & exercise format

SecureTransport Certification

The Axway SecureTransport Basics Certification is given to you as full recognition of the knowledge and skills acquired in administering, configuring, and creating flows using Advanced Routing in the latest version of SecureTransport 5.5.  The exam consists in 2 portions:
  • Theoretical portion: Validate some knowledge checks quizzes. Please note, the SecureTransport Knowledge Checks (Admin and Flow Engineer) will need to be done pre-Summit.
  • Practical portion: You will be given a series of lab exercises that you will have to complete using our Reference Environment. An instructor will be available to help as needed as well as grade your overall performance
Target audience The course is targeted for users who completed the SecureTransport Basics training on Axway University, including SecureTransport administrators, and flow engineers responsible for configuring SecureTransport objects. If you are already an experienced user, completing the training course may not be a pre-requisite.